How are your current users using OpenLab?

Our current users are using OpenLab for a variety of internal collaboration and communication needs. Here is a sampling of some of the things our labs are doing today:

  • Internal collaboration within various subgroups of the lab. Where each subgroup has a separate 'Group' on OpenLab so that the right people see every post and can comment and collaborate.
  • Faculty members are using it as an indirect and continuous way of staying in touch with what is actually happening in the lab instead of waiting till group meeting.
  • Using the general announcements group to share new papers and have discussion about the paper via the post.

These are some of the basic ideas. Some of our power users go a step further and do things like:

  • Using tags for each instrument in the lab so they can track every measurement of an instrument and see if there are issues with an instrument.
  • Creating a group specifically for external collaborations and not giving the external collaborators access to the internal groups. But this way inter group collaboration was vastly smoother than usual.
  • Instituting the use of only specified tags so different people working on similar things can easily see what work is ongoing in the same topic and what results people are finding.
  • Having the students use tablets in the lab for on the spot recording of data and direct upload to OpenLab so they can easily record experiments as it is occurring. 

We love hearing from our users, so if you are doing something you'd like us to share with others, please write to us.

If you have any trouble at all, please send us feedback or email us directly.

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