We have borrowed some of the powerful functionality of social media and adopted it fit the growing needs of modern day science. We have built a #tag system for OpenLab as a first step of allowing our users to find new, useful ways to store and analyze their data.

Clicking on a tag, pulls up all posts that have that tag in the body of the post (across all groups).

So, there are some extremely interesting ways to use these tags. Some of our private beta users used this as a way to track posts with key words. Others have created a tag for the instrument used for measurement, so the lab can track all data collected by one instrument (to look for any changes in instrument behavior). Still others use it as a way to track samples, by simply creating a sample tag and then easily finding all posts (i.e. experiments) for a sample. 

The #tag functionality will continue to grow. As a sneak peak one of the first things we will be adding soon is a tag manager and the ability to define 'preferred tags' to get the entire lab using the same vocabulary. 


If you have any trouble at all, please send us feedback or email us directly.

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