Lab Account Set Up

Every OpenLab account is created with a single group, named Your Lab - general. We create this account as a general collaboration space for everyone in your group. Most of our labs use this group to share papers, and make general announcements.

In order to set up your account effectively, we encourage to do 2 things immediately:

1) Invite your lab to the general group: Simply go to the group (via the groups tab) and then click on the menu icon in the banner where you will see "Send Invite" and simply enter the email address of your labmate.

See more details on inviting here.


2) Create topic specific groups: The great thing about OpenLab is you can create groups to reflect your real-world subgroups. Simply go to the groups page and click "Create Group." You are free to create as many groups as you like, and simply ensure you invite the relevant people to that group!

See more details on group creation here, and on groups in general here.

If you have any trouble at all, please send us feedback or email us directly.

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